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An audioplay

Scene, short: In the form of a seance in a shamanic way the listening person lieing in her hammock  seems to hear the rain peoples complaint in the sounds of the surrounding nightly rain forest animals, birds, frogs, insects. They complain about crimes and unjustice against the original peope, and the black.

It was at the river that separates French Guiana from Suriname and where the narrow aluminum boats shuttled. It was evening and the birds, frogs, toads and insects had just begun their nightly cacophony. I rested in my hammock and fell into a trance and heard the inhabitants of the rainforest speak to me in urgent matters. Maybe I was obsessed as some  medicine men use to be. The intrusive voices did not yield and I had to record the words and cries as they fell. They wanted to talk to me about injustices, about communication difficulties, about their situation, about environmental issues and the relationship between population groups.
The singer bird complained wildly and ripped apart; "Rape, rape, rape"! But it was only after she had dealt with some other subjects that she returned to the rape problem. A background chorus of frogs and small birds began: People are afraid secredly, people not safe! The first bird testified: French people raped me, I did not think I would overthrow him but I now overthrow the one who raped me. French people friendly. Lately. Raped me. Friendly. Raped me. Lately more friendly. Great people raped me! French has our relatives away in hatred.We are innocent. We didn't know.
Pig Pig Pig Pig Pig ... Good evening (giftgt). Great people raped me. To make Europeans realize their heartlessness. Change! Also I can have cold edge when it comes to people I don't know.
The bird voice and its secondaries and chorus were then out to talk about the change that must come and which we all needVarious groups of people were weighed and measured. The environmental issues, industrialization and who are the best allies were touched on:
Rain people remain people, Brain people are plain people. "Okay" people, brain people want the whole world to understand that we are friends, the only friends the world has, the rain people. Great people aint people. Read me, write me, write that I am important. Invite people, right people! Right people in, paper in, green people in. Policy. Politician. Police politician. Political police. Praising while they rape people. Big play. Pingwin pregnant, Be brave! People in France are awakened inside if you write! Right people invent me. Right people write to me. Greatful. He raped me. Great people aint people!




A toad pops in from below when a break occurs: Sport is used to control politics to the right We have demonstrated enough ... Higher support (New voice :) Right wing, wing, wing.
We need to put knowledgeable industrialists with influence. We need Greenpeace. (We believe in Greenpeace). We are scared. Sacred people. Whoever is holy must rise up and scour his religion to what it was intended! Great people raped me! Strictly people raped me!
Many people infected with AIDS have. Red people scared people. Industry people. We do not get peace. Not peace in the doctor talk. They don't have heads for us. Red brain, light people. Cream people - red people, afraid to be. We grow with words. Red people sometimes a bit lonely in hut. Afraid, safety, industry. A little too equal to cope with each other in the head, Losing the good color appearance in the industry. We do not feel that it is good for us to manage the industry. It may be someone else's job. Brain people have not asked us for the top fast they can! They have never been really clean.
Red people, industry people, intellectual people okay people. People are affected. Wrong to say that we must not be alone when we want
Make me great - great gets respect.
In the industry there are many people who are poor. They don't think, they don't feel, they just work; Adaptable.You have no human kind of person who can speak for us in the world in mockery. Red people - they do not strive for good. We must learn to be better and nicer than ordinary people in the head.
They come from America, the godless (non-believing, God-hating) Americans who have fallen, come here and do not even shed their evil / decay in telepathy (you hear the sound of crying!) But crush us altogether.
Drapa: Afraid, fraid, fraid, peace, peace, scared, red, red, red, scared, peace. fear of peace, fear of peace, right! Right peace!
Drapa: Quit, waitwait, reed, write me, wait; for me. Rape me! Rape (d?) Me. Raped me. Wait for me. Great for me.
Wait, wait for me, rap me. Great people (suffused in the background :) France takes over, Great people. (The choir scans :) Right people. green people, secred people, in disguise. Wait people! Right people! Wait people!
Rain people angry. Brain people, change! (da capo!). Get change!
When? Weit! Raped me! Write! (Suffers in the background by several:) Rape people French people. Let French people know! People run away when they see them! Speak french wery quickly we are hungry. We cannot enjoy Belgium. Rain people angry. Red. (Suffler's :) sorry, great people. Rain. White rain. Library, wain. People hit me beat me strangle me. They have great things in mind but nothing in spirit.


In all.a good seance -

Maybe in the spirit of the shamans...